Bothwell Primary is a non-denominational primary school, situated in the village of Bothwell.  Its associated secondary school is Uddingston Grammar School. The associated church of the school is Bothwell Parish Church.  Our school caters for children from Primary 1 to Primary 7.  The current roll is 313.  There are 12 classes. We have a staffing allocation in line with National and council policy which consists of 1 Head Teacher, 1 Depute Head Teacher, 1 Principal Teacher and 14 class teachers. There are also 10 support assistants.

At Bothwell Primary we welcome community involvement in the school. We are keen to work with members of the community and welcome all at community events, assemblies and other celebratory occasions.

Our school is vibrant and busy and we hope that our website will help us address two main purposes. We value our links with parents/carers and work hard to foster positive relationships between home and school. As an ECO school we are very aware of the need to reduce our paper and photocopying costs whilst ensuring that all stakeholders feel informed and involved in the life of the school. To this end, we hope our website will address both these issues.

We encourage a good work ethic and pride in the school. Our parents/carers support us by enhancing the life of the school through the parent council, involvement as helpers during school time, assisting with trips and by raising additional funds through various events. We have a great pride in our school uniform and our parents/carers support us by ensuring all children arrive at school with the appropriate clothing.
We hope that our website will showcase the life of the school and reflect the Curriculum for Excellence in action.

Mrs Paula Ross

Head Teacher

Mr Martin Frame

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Gemma Jamieson

Principal Teacher

Mrs Geraldine McFall

Acting Principal Teacher / Room 4

Miss Laura O'Neill

Room 1

Miss Kirsty Bell

Room 1/ CCC Teacher

Miss Debbie Campbell

Room 2

Miss Hollie McNeill

Room 3

Miss Kerrie Hepburn

Room 4

Miss Laura Tremble

Room 5

Miss Rachel Waters

Room 6

Miss Nicole MacIntyre

Room 7

Mrs Nicole Morton

Room 8

Mrs Allison McAleaney

Room 8 / CCC Teacher

Mrs Mari Lamont

Room 9

Mrs Jill Hunter

Room 10

Mrs Elaine Weir

Room 12

Miss Hannah Stewart

Room 11

Mrs Summar McSevney

CCC Teacher

Mrs Anne McIntosh

Team Leader (office based)

Mrs Susan Mochan


Mrs Christine Alcorn

Pupil Support

Mrs Liz Kennedy

Pupil Support

Mrs Val Delaney

Pupil Support

Mrs Linda Smith

Pupil Support

Mrs Shirley Dempsey

Pupil Support

Mrs Marion Grant

Pupil Support

Mrs Kathy Vance

Pupil Support

Mrs Rhona Martin

Pupil Support

Mr Stephen Doyle


Mrs Margaret Slaven

Catering Supervisor

Mrs Ann Gold

Catering Assistant

Mrs Andrea McLaughlin

Catering Assistant